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Zakład w Nysie

ASKO PAPIER Sp. z o.o. is included in the capital group belonging to Głuchołaskie Zakłady Papiernicze Sp. z o.o. Monthly throughput of Company is shaped on average at level of 1,800 tonnes of paper. Processing production is 100% based on paper produced in GZP Głuchołazy.

We are unit handling the processing of cellulose and recycled paper into AFH (Away From Home) type of products. We offer to our customers a broad selection of industrial hygiene products such as, e.g. paper towels in roll, ZZ type towels, toilet paper, products used in work rooms and in public use. The history of Company began from lease and then purchase in March 2004 of bankrupt Asko Nysa leather tannery. In years 2003-2007 Company ran leather tannery business and mainly produced leather for shoes and accessories. In relation to unsatisfactory profitability levels and decreasing outlet caused by inflow of cheap leather from Asia, leather tannery business was definitively stopped. The Company was rebranded from leather tannery business to papermaking business. A plying machine for layering paper with low grammage, scarf-making machine for production of V type scarfs, and line for production of toilet paper rolls of Italian Company Perini were purchased.

In the following years also occurred a dynamic development and expansion of both plant’s machine park and structure infrastructure. Growing warehouse needs contributed to the construction of two tent halls that allow to store a full selection of our products, which allows to quickly react to always changing needs of market. Successive increase of machine park equipment required the development of buildings so far unused and execution of series of investments.

Currently machine park consists of 9 processing lines operating in role systems, as well as ZZ type, on which are manufactured hygienic products for institutional customers. Under run business we manufacture for own needs paper sleeves that constitute as an intermediate product for further production. The Company packages 45-75% white and green paper towels and 45-75% white, green, blue, pink, and yellow toilet paper, as well as cellulose, both one- and two-layer with various grammages. Own brands (of private customers) and products under our logo, ELFI, constitute as a majority of production.